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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

Who is PSLS?

PSLS is a statewide association of individuals interested in the practice of Land Surveying


The PSLS Board of Directors is made up of two State Directors from each chapter and the Executive Committee. Past Presidents are ex-officio members of the Board. The business of the Society shall be conducted by the Society Board of Directors in the best interest of the membership


PSLS has 12 Standing Committees and ad hoc committees may be added as needed.  The specific duties of each committee shall be recommended by the President, approved by a majority vote by the Society Board of Directors, and given to each Chairperson when appointed. 


Chapters organize and conduct local activities consistent with the objectives of the Society. Chapter activities are designed to help the professional increase knowledge while providing for peer interaction.

Sustaining Firms

A Sustaining Member shall be an individual, company or corporation having a continuing relationship with or proprietary interest in the profession of land surveying and who wishes to support the activities of the Society. 

Affiliate Members

An Affiliate Member shall be an out-of-state resident who is a member in good standing of the State Society representing licensed land surveyors in the State where the member resides. 

Life/Fellow/ Honorary Members

  • Life Members shall be Members whose active participation in the land surveying profession have been substantially reduced or terminated by reason of illness, injury or normal retirement and are found deserving by the Society Board of Directors.  Nominations for Life Members shall only be accepted from any Chapter Board of Directors.
  • An individual may be chosen from the membership, by the Society Board of Directors, to become a Fellow Member after having rendered outstanding service to the land surveying profession and/or the Society.
  • An Honorary Member shall be an individual who by reason of outstanding devotion and contribution to the Land Surveying Profession is found deserving by the Society Board of Directors. 
The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors is an Affiliate of the American Association of Geodetic Surveying

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors is an affiliate of the National Society of Professional Surveyors

PLS Foundation

The Pennsylvania Land Surveyors’ Foundation was established to promote, improve, and encourage the profession and practice of land surveying in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The Foundation offers annual scholarships to deserving students interested in the Surveying Profession.

PSLS Position Statements

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors  has published statements as a method to better acquaint members and the make the general public aware of the position of the Society regarding these topics. 


Annual Awards

PSLS presents a variety of awards to nominees during the Annual Conference in January.

  • Surveyor of the Year
  • Distinguished Service Awards
  • Chapter of the Year

Also presented by PSLS are awards for:

  1. TrigStar Competition
  2. PLAT Competition


A Political Action Committee is the way to get attention in politics. Professional Licensed Surveyors make up about .002% of Pennsylvania’s 12.8 million people.  In order to be heard above the crowd, we need to work harder.  We need personal contact with legislators. We need money.

Advertising Information

PSLS offers a way to advertise employment opportunities to members of the surveying profession and related professions on our website. The service is free to Members and available to non-members at a nominal fee.

PSLS offers advertising to our members by placing ads in the society newsletter, The Pennsylvania Surveyor. 


Contact information for the Society

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