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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
Education Committee

The Committee shall investigate educational opportunities and curricula available to individuals interested in obtaining an education in the surveying profession.

Every effort should be made by the Chairperson to enlist faculty members of educational institutions within the Commonwealth involved with surveying programs to serve on the Committee.

The Committee shall assist in the preparation, organization and review of educational workshops and courses to be offered by the Society and/or Chapters of the Society.

Chair: Scott Reeser
E.C. Liaison: Terry McMillen, Jr.


Lional Alexander, PLS

William J. Beitler, PLS

Brent L. Birth, PLS

Dimitrios Bolkas

Dennis L. Burkhart, PLS

Adam D. Crews, PLS

Francis W. Derby

Kenneth J. Fronheiser, PLS

John G. Fuehrer, II, PE, PLS, Emeritus

Donald Groesser, PLS

Donald Housley, PLS

Glenn "Cody" Johnson, SIT

Donald Kamp, PLS

Bruce Lewis, PLS

Salvatore Marsico, J.D.

Daniel Martone, PLS

Terry McMillen, Jr., PLS

Robert Miller, PLS

Randall Myers, PLS

Brian Naberezny

David Nowicki, PLS

Wesley Parks

Scott Reeser, PLS

Dylan Sites, PLS

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