Geospatial Committee

The Committee shall monitor and report practices, activities and legislation as it pertains to geospatial services relative to the profession of land surveying. Furthermore, the Committee shall promote the education of land surveyors, cartographers, photogrammetrists and those providing geographic and geospatial services.

Chair: Jeffrey Horneman, PLS, GISP
E.C. Liaison: Mike Kreiger

2014 Geospatial Committee Members:
Jeffrey Horneman, PLS, GISP, Chair
David Archibald, PLS
Mike Bowmaster, PLS
James Hartman, PLS
Michael Kreiger, PLS
Brian Naberezny, PLS
Scott Reeser, PLS

Periodic responsibilities:
  1. Identify, review, and report on any geospatial activities relative to the profession of surveying
  2. Build mutually beneficial relationships with the geospatial community
  3. Perform outreach to the geospatial community and surveyors

2014 Charges & Goals 

1. Outreach
  • Standardization of message – The committee plans to develop a PowerPoint presentation that can be used as an outline for those representing the geospatial committee. This presentation will discuss the surveying profession and the surveyor’s role in geospatial activities.
  • Northwest PA GIS Conference, mid-October 2014, Clarion, PA – The committee plans to send one member to present and/or exhibit at this conference.
  • Central PA GIS Day, November 19, 2014, Harrisburg, PA – The committee plans to send several members to exhibit and possibly present at this event.
  • Colleges/Universities – The committee will identify schools in the Commonwealth offering GIS/Geospatial degrees along with potential contacts. The committee will then arrange to present to these educators and/or students. The goal is to present to five schools in 2014 with the expectation of three. We would like to combine this with some type of an internship or resume posting program to attract students to PSLS and surveying.
  • County GIS Pros – Develop a relationship with this organization.
  • PA MAGIC – Try to improve our relationship with this organization.
  • PA-MAPPS – Continue building a relationship with this organization.
  • Pennsylvania Surveyor – The committee would like to provide relevant articles for this publication. The goal is to provide one article for each issue in 2014.
  • Webinar/Workshops – The committee will present a webinar or workshop if a relevant topic arises or if approached by the education committee.
2. Legislative
  • Geospatial Coordinating Board (SB771/HB1285) – See that PSLS is included as a voting member of this board. Passage of this board is anticipated in the first half of 2014.
  • Official Boundary Database (SB404) – Recommend a stance on this bill to the PSLS Board of Directors and lobby the legislature to bring the proposed legislation into alignment with that stance.
3. Regulatory
  • Unlicensed Practice Case (Registration Board) – Continue to follow and report the status to the Board of Directors. A decision in this matter is expected sometime this year. The committee will most likely prepare a newsletter article and/or webinar reporting on the outcome.
  • Registration Law – Assist the Registration Law Task Force as necessary to help ensure the current law is reviewed and any proposed changes are prepared for January 2015.
2014 Accomplishments
  • Drafted and received approval from the PSLS Board of Directors for “PSLS Statement on Mapping and Positioning Services Including Inventory, Asset Management, and Unlicensed Activity.”
  • Drafted and received approval from the PSLS Board of Directors for “PSLS Policy: PSLS Representative(s) to the Pennsylvania State Geospatial Coordinating Board.”
  • Partnered with the Public Relations Committee to purchase exhibition hardware that will be used when representing PSLS as an exhibitor.
    • Pennsylvania GIS Conference
    • Two members represented PSLS as exhibitors.
    • One member represented PSLS as a speaker for “Legal Descriptions for Real Property in a Deed.”
  • One member represented PSLS as a panelist for “Needed GIS/Survey Cooperation: New Opportunities to Work Together.”
  • Wrote two articles for publication in Spring/Summer 2014 Issue of the Pennsylvania Surveyor newsletter.
  • One member presented “Surveying and GIS” to approximately 40 students at the California University of Pennsylvania.
  • Presented a 3.5 Hour workshop at the 2014 Pennsylvania Surveyors Conference on “Current Geospatial Issues”
  • First face-to-face meeting of committee.

2013 Accomplishments

2013 Annual Report
  • Members became involved with an unlicensed practice case being heard before the Registration Board. Members attended two days of testimony, purchased and reviewed transcripts and post-hearing briefs, and attempted to intervene in the case so testimony on behalf of PSLS could be entered into evidence. The committee will continue tracking this case.
  • Committee members worked with PSLS lobbyist Ted Mowatt to help modify legislation (SB771) to ensure PSLS has a voting representative on the proposed State Geospatial Coordinating Board. Committee members met with and contacted several legislators and organized a letter writing/email campaign. It should be noted the letters and emails from members were the tipping point which initiated a meeting with high ranking legislators and ultimately led to the language being amended.
  • One committee member presented “Geospatial Issues in Pennsylvania” to the PSLS Northeast Chapter.
  • One committee member presented “Is It Surveying?” as a PSLS Webinar.
  • Central PA GIS Day
    • Two committee members and a PSLS Member represented PSLS as exhibitors.
    • Two committee members presented “Is It Surveying?”
  • Western Pennsylvania GIS Conference
    • Two committee members represented PSLS as exhibitors.
    • One committee member presented “Is It Surveying?”
  • Two committee members presented “Geospatial Issues in Pennsylvania” to the PSLS Board of Directors.
  • Proposed and received approval from the PSLS Board of Directors to form a Registration Act Task Force to review the current law and recommend changes if needed in time for the start of the 2015-2016 legislative session.
  • Pennsylvania GIS Conference
    • Two committee members represented PSLS as exhibitors.
2012 Accomplishments
  • Central Pennsylvania GIS Day
    • Two committee members, two PSLS Members, and one PSLS staff member represented PSLS as an exhibitor.
  • Committee founded by Michael Kreiger (Chair), Jim Hartman, Jeff Horneman, and Brian Naberezny in May.

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