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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

Membership Levels


A Member of the Society shall be an individual licensed to perform land surveying in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Any such individual shall have high professional repute and ethical standards. Members shall have full voting rights as to any matter concerning the Society and shall have the right to hold any office within the Society (subject to compliance with the qualifications for that office).

Associate Member

An Associate Member shall be an individual of good character who has scientific or technical knowledge in the field of land surveying and who is not a licensed professional land surveyor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. An Associate Member may also be an individual with technical knowledge in the fields of mapping or GIS.

Affiliate Member

An Affiliate Member (formerly Cooresponding Member) shall be an out-of-state resident who is a member in good standing of the state Society representing licensed land surveyors in the state where the member resides.

Sustaining Member

A Sustaining Member shall be an individual, company or corporation having a continuing relationship with or proprietary interest in the profession of land surveying and who wishes to support the activities of the Society.

Student Member

A Student Member shall be an individual of good character who is a student at any school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enrolled in a course in surveying and/or related subjects or a graduate student enrolled in a formal graduate surveying program.


A Retired Member shall be an individual of good character who has retired from active practice, and whose license has been placed on retired status by the State Board of Registration.


An Auxiliary Member shall be the spouse or significant other of any member of the Society.

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