• 23 Apr 2014 3:39 PM | Office Manager (Administrator)
    The latest issue of the NSPS News & Views is now available.  In this issue:

    Interior Agency Highlights Ocean Surveying and Mapping
    GSA Lists 19 Property Consolidation Opportunities
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    The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors Education Committee periodically evaluates its education program to ensure that it accurately reflects the current practice of surveying in PA. The committee is asking surveyors to complete a survey as part of the evaluation process. Click here to begin.

    Thank you for your participation and support!
  • 17 Apr 2014 8:36 AM | Anonymous
    The Marcellus Shale Coalition is holding a PA Jobs, PA Energy Rally throughout Pennsylvania. Bus transportation is available. Details are available here.
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    The latest edition of NSPS News & Views is now available.  In this issue:
    NSPS Spring Business Meeting in San Diego, CA
    Prevailing Wage
    NOAA Budget Request
  • 09 Apr 2014 7:57 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)
    FEMA has published its Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) on proposed modifications to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in the Federal Register on May 16, 2012, and extended the comment period through a supplemental notice published on August 23, 2012. FEMA will hold online scoping meetings on April 22, 2014, from 2-4pm EST; May 13, 2014, from 4-6pm EST; and May 20, 2014, from 4-6pm EST as published in the Federal Register on March 25, 2014.

    The PEIS will be prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations implementing NEPA, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) environmental regulations at 44 CFR Part 10.

    The NFIP was created by the National Flood Insurance Act (NFIA) of 1968, and is a Federal program for property owners in NFIP participating communities to purchase insurance as a protection against flood losses in exchange for state, tribal, and community adoption and implementation of land use criteria that reduce future flood damages.

    FEMA is initiating the process to develop a PEIS to examine the impacts of proposed modifications to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). NEPA specifically directs Federal agencies to thoroughly assess the environmental consequences of major Federal actions that could significantly affect the environment.

    FEMA is currently soliciting feedback from the public to scope the areas that should be addressed in considering the impacts of the NFIP. These comments, in combination with stakeholder input provided through previous and planned NFIP listening sessions, modifications to the program since the last impact statement was completed, and recent legislation will all be considered in the development of the draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. FEMA is proposing to modify the NFIP from the way it is currently administered to include enhanced program standards in the three NFIP program areas of floodplain management, floodplain mapping, and flood insurance. FEMA will also account for program changes that have taken place since the publication of the 1976 Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for the Revised Floodplain Management Regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program.

    HOW TO SUBMIT COMMENTS: Comments on the preparation of the NFIP PEIS must be identified by Docket ID FEMA-2012-0012 and may be submitted by one of the following methods:
    Mail: Regulatory Affairs Legal Division, Office of Chief Counsel, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Room 835, 500 C Street, SW., Washington, DC 20472-3100
    Webinars: Register for webinars and submit comments through the webinar process.
    Beth Norton, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, Risk Reduction Division,
    Floodplain Management Branch, 1800 South Bell Street, 9th Floor, Arlington, VA 20598-3030.
    Phone: (202) 646-2716. Email:
    Webinar registration details and further information will be announced on the project website at:
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    Log in to the Members Only section to read March's legislative report.

    • Geospatial Bill Passes Senate, May Have House Consideration in April
    • Hearing Held on School Construction Funding     
    • Environmental Building Standards
    • Local/State Government/Regulations
    • Liability Issues re: flood coverage, oil and gas, construction
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    PSLS Welcomes 3 New Members in March

    Three new members were approved at the April 4 Board of Directors meeting. Please welcome these new members.

    Thomas Francis Lubanovic, PE, PLS, SE | Laurel Highlands Chapter

    Warren W. Sorg, PLS | Northwest Chapter

    Michael A. Waddell | Penn State Student Chapter

  • 07 Apr 2014 1:52 PM | Office Manager (Administrator)
    Updated March 29

    PSLS Reached New Heights Thanks to Volunteers During Surveyors' Week

    The PSLS Reaching New Heights Team and PSLS want to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in National Surveyors Week and PRNH March 16-22!  We have accomplished a lot in a short period of time.  While a final tally isn’t complete this is the latest set of accomplishments.

    PSLS Reaching New Heights - As of March 29, we have reported:
    • 85 point groups volunteered
    • 108 point recoveries were reported
    • 42 point occupations were reported
    • 9 shared solutions were reported
    The QA/QC process had just begun. It may be a week or two until our volunteers get a chance to review your occupations. They will be in touch shortly.

    Public Relations Activities: Photo Submissions

    We know many more occupations occurred than have been reported so please submit your recoveries and occupations!  If your submitted your occupation to OPUS and it didn’t process correctly, submit the raw data to us anyway.  We have a team of volunteers willing to examine this data and remove observations that may be causing issues.  We will do our best to get it to process.

    Please remember to submit your information through the online map so that we can keep a tally of activities. If you observed a point not appearing on the map, please e-mail Brian Naberezny so that the point can be added.

    For those of you waiting for snow to clear, don’t worry the map will be available for some time.  Your regional coordinator will be in touch in the next week or two to get an update on your progress.  Anyone who wants to volunteer and hasn’t had a chance, go right ahead and volunteer using the interactive map.

    Over the next few months PRNH will be transitioning to a permanent initiative and changes will be made to the interactive map to address the shortcomings uncovered in the past month.  Please refer to the map when you will be occupying bench marks with GPS to see if there are points in the area that may be beneficial to your work as well as for PRNH. 

    Again we would like to thank our regional coordinators, those that helped with public relations initiatives, and all of you who volunteered your time to make this event a huge success!

    Adam Crews, PSLS President and PRNH Regional Coordinator Manager
    Mike Kreiger, PSLS President-Elect and PRNH Public Relations Manager
    Brian Naberezny, PRNH Technical Manager

    PSLS: Surveying Beyond Boundaries
  • 07 Apr 2014 12:36 PM | Office Manager (Administrator)
    Dear Colleagues:

    Many of the bench marks which we considered for occupation during National Surveyors Week were along active railroad lines. I spoke to a number of surveyors about this and reminded them that this was trespassing, as well as dangerous. However, I still saw photographs of surveyors along railroads using their GPS.

    I was told by a railroad company representative that the penalty for trespassing on a railroad right-of-way was $300.00. He said there could also be a federal penalty of $1,500.00 assessed to the individual, not the company. He provided me with this document entitled "Compilation of State Laws and Regulations Affecting Highway Rail Grade Crossings". This is a US Department of Transportation document which spells out the various laws and penalties which apply to this situation. Please familiarize yourself with it and pass it along to your colleagues and members.

    Frank Lenik, PLS
  • 04 Apr 2014 8:32 AM | Anonymous
    Lou Spadaccino, president of Tri-State Engineers & Land Surveyors and founding member of PSLS, passed away yesterday. Read his obituary that list the times and dates of his services.
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