• 16 Sep 2015 8:03 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    Fall Meeting Registration NOW OPEN

    Grid to Ground for Mapping Professionals

    Let's talk about points, the grid, and the ground.  Why not? 

    As you are likely aware, progressively more high-precision GPS/GNSS (global positioning system/global satellite navigation system) based real-time-kinematic methods are being used in for project related mapping. 

    Unless proper correction methods are used, horizontal distances between two locations determined by the GNSS method will differ from the measurements that are made by traditional survey methods. This difference between the two measurements is often referred to as the grid-to-ground problem. This meeting will provide methodologies to address this challenge,  and assist the GIS community in gaining a better understanding of the process.  

    When:  Tuesday October 6, 2015

    Where:  New Jersey Institute of Technology- Newark, NJ

    Time:  8:00 am- 3:30 pm

    Parking will be provided in a campus garage 

    A light breakfast and lunch will be served. 

    Register now at

    Hope to see you there!

  • 08 Sep 2015 10:48 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    Pictures of the Inaugural PSLS Summer Conference are now available!  

    A huge thank you to Education Committee Chair John Fuehrer for being our event photographer! Click here for the pictures.  Enjoy and share!

  • 14 Aug 2015 8:49 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    2015 PennDOT Surveyors Reunion

    The 2015 PennDOT Surveyors reunion will be held on Saturday, September 12 starting at noon.  

    The event will be held at the Clearfield Knights of Columbus, 512 Arnold Avenue, Clearfield, PA.  

    Cost is $10 per person and covered dishes are welcome. 

    All you can eat and drink!

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, macaroni salad, baked beans, and of course beer and soda provided. 

    If you are a present or former PennDOT surveyor, this event is for you. For more information contact:

    Shawn: (814) 577-5177

    Ed: (814) 592-5936

    Barry: (814) 378-7215

  • 04 Aug 2015 9:16 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    Pennsylvania Department of StateState Registration Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists
    Can't see the images? View the web version here.

    August 2015



    September 9, 2015

    November 18, 2015

    Other board meetings may be scheduled as needed.              


    Disciplinary Actions
    A listing of disciplinary or corrective measures taken by the 29 professional licensing boards and commissions, Charitable Organizations and Notaries Public.
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    State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists




    ***If you have already renewed your license, please disregard this message***


    Your Engineer/Land Surveyor/Geologist license must be renewed by September 30, 2015. To serve you in the most efficient manner, it is recommended that you visit the renewal website: and complete your renewal online. Detailed directions are provided and you may pay your renewal fee using your debit or credit card via secure payment. Not all electronic devices may be used to renew your license [see the section "Acceptable Devices" on page 2 of this notice]. Regardless of whether you use a pc or a laptop, it is required that you use the most recent version of Windows Explorer or Firefox.


    The renewal period begins July 1, 2015 and ends September 30, 2015. Failure to renew by September 30, 2015 may subject your license to fines and/or penalties.


    If you have an address change, you should do that online during the renewal process. If you have a name change, you MUST submit a copy of a legal document verifying the name change within 15 days of renewing online. You may submit your name change document to the address at the top of this page or send a clear/legible scan of it via email to: In the subject line of your email, type "Online Renewal Name Change" and include your license number.


    You are required to answer five legal questions, which are direct "Yes" or "No" questions. Failure to answer all or any of these questions will result in a delay to the renewal of your license. NOTE: Do not call the Board Office for advice on answering these legal questions, because Board staff is unable to provide such advice. "Yes" answers require submission of verifying legal documents to the Board Office.


    After you renew your license online, you will receive your license in approximately seven to ten business days in most cases. Do not consider your license renewed until you receive it in the mail.




    The "web browser" is the program you use to access the internet. The renewal website will only work with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer or Firefox. Please do not use Safari or Google Chrome.


    Websites such as Google, Yahoo Search, Bing and others will not allow you to reach our renewal website. Please enter the website address, as provided in step one below, directly in the address bar of your browser.


    The MyLicense renewal website only works by using a PC or a laptop; it will NOT work when you use a smart phone, tablet PC or ‘phablet’.


    1. In the address bar of your web browser, type:

    2. Choose your license type from the many types of licenses that are due for renewal. Under Current License Renewals; Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists and Professional Land Surveyors link.

    3. If you have never used the online renewal, you must create your own User ID and Password. The renewal website will guide you through this process. You must have your wallet card to create your User ID and Password, because a unique registration code is on the wallet card which ‘unlocks’ this process for you. If you lost your wallet card, please email the Board at and in the subject line, type the words "NEED REGISTRATION CODE". Don’t forget to provide your license number so staff can respond with your registration code. You must also have a valid email address to receive communication from the Board, including your license renewal payment receipt.

    4. If you have renewed online before, and you remember the User ID and Password you created, you may login using them. If you forgot your password, but you remember your User ID, you will simply create a new User ID and Password by re-registering. You must have your registration code on your wallet card to do this.

    5. Each step in the online renewal process is listed on the left side of your screen. For example, you will see "Demographics" and next to it, a small box. To get to the Demographics step, you must click on the word "Demographics", not the small box. When the step is completed, a gray check mark will be in the box for each completed item. You must complete each step to complete the online renewal and receive your license.


    7. If you answer "Yes" to one of the Legal Questions, please remember that the online renewal process WILL NOT BE COMPLETE AND A LICENSE WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO YOU UNTIL THE VERIFYING LEGAL DOCUMENTS ARE SUBMITTED TO THE BOARD OFFICE AND REVIEWED.

    8. The final step in the renewal process is to Pay Fees and Submit. You will be required to provide credit or debit card information. Please note that our payment processes are secure and you may use them with confidence. NOTE: DO NOT PRESS "SUBMIT" MORE THAN ONCE! Doing so may result in multiple charges against your credit or debit card!

    9. When you have finished, a receipt for payment will be emailed to you.


    State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists
    P.O. Box 2649
    Harrisburg, PA  17105



    For more information and updates, check out the PA Department of State’s Facebook ( and Twitter (! 


  • 20 Jul 2015 2:47 PM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    The Be Captivated Live Tour is an exciting event that lets you explore revolutionary touch-technology survey software and be among the first to test-drive the world's first self-learning total stations.You won't want to miss it! We will give personalized technology demonstrations and answer all your questions. Everyone who attend the Live Tour will be entered into a drawing to win a trip to Switzerland!

  • 16 Jul 2015 8:16 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    Lester Olen Brosius, Jr., PLS, former PSLS member and Northwest Chapter President, passed on Jul 14, 2015.  Olen was a 15 year member of the PSLS Northwest Chapter. Click here for the Olen’s obituary.

  • 30 Jun 2015 9:00 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    All are invited to participate in the 10th Annual Northwest  Pennsylvania GIS Conference that will be held on October 15-16, 2015 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  This event will once again be hosted by Clarion University.

    It will be a pleasure to share with you:

    • Exciting presentations from varied participants in the field.
    • Exhibitors from renowned national and regional companies and agencies.
    • Map gallery/poster session

    Other events that will be available and advertised for on the conference's website soon.

    Please visit for more information or for registration to attend, present and/or exhibit. Presentation, exhibition, and map gallery entry registrations are due by Friday, September 25th, 2015. Mark your calendar. Please pass along this information to anyone who may benefit from attending this event.

    Presentations are especially encouraged in the following tracks:

    • Achievements over the past 10 years
    • GIS in Education: Open for students and educators in general to share their projects,  experiences and applications.
    • Oil and Gas Applications.
    • Emergency Management: GIS role in preparedness, mitigation and remediation
    • Emerging Technologies/Web & Mobile GIS
    • Natural Resources Management.
    • Open Topics for your interesting application, how-to, theories and methods in geospatial  technologies or related fields.

    Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Yasser Ayad  for sponsorship  opportunities,  or for questions or comments. 

  • 23 Jun 2015 8:14 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    Philip R. Peterson 1924 - 2015

    Phil Peterson, the Berntsen International chairman and co-founder who pioneered new marking products for the survey industry, passed away June 18 at the age of 90.

    During his more than four-decade career, Phil Peterson helped transform how surveyors mark land boundaries.    “The surveying industry has lost a visionary and champion and we have lost an amazing man, said Rhonda Rushing, Phil’s daughter and President of Berntsen.   We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much."

    Phil and friend, Peter Berntsen co-founded Berntsen Cast Products, Inc. (now Berntsen International) in 1972 based on their ‘restaurant napkin design’ of the W-1 monument – a cast aluminum breakaway marker that was light-weight, resistant to corrosion, and detectable with a magnetic locator.     The W-1 won the Governor’s New Product Award in 1975 and it became the core of a business that today sells survey monuments, caps, rods, and posts throughout the world. 

    Phil never stopped being an entrepreneur or a tireless promoter of surveying.     He was responsible for many product innovations throughout his career and remained an active advocate to the end with his push to move Berntsen into a ‘smart’ marking world.  

    At the end of the day, Phil was committed to his family, his employees, and his customers – the surveyors in the field.   “Salt of the earth people”, he called them, “we’re here to make sure that they can do the best job possible.” 

    Philip R. Peterson 1924-2015

    In remembrance of Phil Peterson, our offices will be closed Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

  • 19 Jun 2015 3:44 PM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    PSLS has received a thank you letter from the Friends of Independence Hall National Historic Park for our donation to restore the Mason Dixon instrument which will reside in the Governor's Chamber in Independence Hall.  The Society voted to support the instrument restoration at the March Board meeting.  

    PSLS is proud to support the historic preservation of the surveying profession.

  • 02 Jun 2015 8:41 AM | Office Manager (Administrator)

    The geospatial technology program at HACC is pleased to offer a model course developed by the National Geospatial Technology Center for Excellence -GeoTech Center- called Exploring Our World: Fundamentals of Geospatial Science. This is an eight week online course that introduces fundamental concepts of geospatial analysis and map interpretation - technologies explored include geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), cartography, remote sensing, geo-visualization and interpretation, internet mapping and spatial statistics (see attached).

     The course begins August 24, 2015 , the cost is $99, and the instructors are Nicole Ernst and Peter Muller. The course can be used for Act 48 credit, continuing education units (CEUs), and the course will articulate into the HACC geospatial technology program as the free elective.  Digital badges (micro-credentials) will be awarded for successful completion of the course modules. The course is open to anyone- high school students, K-12 teachers, engineers, surveyors, real estate agents, grant writers, business owners - anyone who wants to learn more about geospatial technology!

     To enroll in the class, visit and select section number 60491.

    To learn more about HACC’s geospatial technology program:

P: 717.441.6057 | F: 717.236.2046 |
908 N 2nd Street | Harrisburg, PA 17102   
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