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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors  has published the following statements as a method to better acquaint members and the general public aware of the position of the Society regarding these topics.

Statement on Mapping and Positioning Services

This position statement attempts to define the stance of PSLS when it comes to unlicensed practitioners offering and performing positioning and mapping services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This position statement was widely circulated within the GIS community in Pennsylvania and a panel session was held at the Northwest Pennsylvania GIS Conference on October 16th to discuss it.  The PSLS Geospatial Committee believes the statement and the panel session are stepping stones leading the surveying and geospatial communities to common ground where we can work together for the benefit of everyone utilizing geospatial data and technologies in Pennsylvania.  

Position Statement for the Preservation of Monuments and Markers

In late 2014 the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors was advised of an issue involving Township and Municipal ordinances which affect the practice of surveying. As the only professional association in the state representing Land Surveyors we feel that it is our responsibility to convey the correct information to the officers and principals of Pennsylvania’s many boroughs and townships. Our concerns are centered on proposed amendments associated with Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances, particularly those portions which pertain to property monuments and markers.

While we applaud the efforts of municipalities to ensure that a Professional Land Surveyor sets proper monuments and markers, we must caution against establishing new monuments or markers where an existing monument or marker exists. The Position Statement found below was written to give guidance to non-surveyors on the proper preservation of existing monumentation, as well as provide guidance to professional surveyors regarding the ordinances that may conflict with legal requirements and standard practices of boundary monuments and markers.

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