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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

National Surveyors' Week 2016

This year PSLS celebration of National Surveyors Week is centered on the idea of calibration.  You read that correct, this year, we will celebrate surveyors all year!  Throughout the year, we will be looking for chapters and individuals to volunteer their time to perform service to the profession and to the community. 

The first activity was the 2016 Photo Contest, which has just ended.  The winners are listed here.

The second activity we are asking members to participate in is a survey.  This survey has two goals.  First, the survey will assess the current use and knowledge of Calibration Base Lines (CBL).  Second, the survey seeks to identify individuals who can help with public relations opportunities. Please complete the survey by March 28.

 The results of this survey will be used to further our goals to National Surveyors Week.  

With respect to CBL, this includes performing a field assessment of every CBL in the state, developing an online map of CBL with improved resources, and developing a long-term goal for the maintenance of CBL in Pennsylvania.  

With respect to public relations, this includes hosting several events for the public centered on calibration of personal fitness devices (FITBIT FUN DAY) and accuracy of GPS and coordinates (CELL PHONE CHALLENGE) as well as developing a list of individuals that can help advertise these events and promote the profession.

This week, we are asking surveyors to print the NSW flyer in the link below and post copies, with permission, in your favorite community gathering place (e.g. coffee shop, 4H club, community center, etc.) to promote national surveyors  week! 

After posting your flyers, take a selfie with it or a picture of where you posted it and share it with PSLS on our Facebook page or via email.

Also, this week, send out press releases!  Click this link for a sample Press Release.  You can add your company name and send it out to any media sources you may have along with a copy of the NSW Flyer and/or a copy of the Governor’s Proclamation.  

If you do not have any media contacts, you can send the edited Press Release to PSLS (psls@psls.org) with the county or area where you would like to have it published.  PSLS will take care of sending it to the correct media contacts.

Please remember to complete the survey by March 28 and watch your email for updated information on National Surveyors Week events this year.

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