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Boundary Retracement Principles and Procedures for Pennsylvania, 5th Ed.
by Knud E. Hermansen,Ph.D, PLS, PE, Esq.

           Introduction to Boundary Retracement Principals and Procedures for Pennsylvania

An errata sheet has been published for this book. 

           A retracement survey is a survey with the objective of locating boundaries previously established (as opposed to creating new boundaries).

           It is dependent upon a previous conveyance or another surveyor's work. The boundary defined during a retracement survey should coincide

           with the location of the boundary that has been previously created.


           In order to insure the proper relocation of the boundary, prevent the abuse of property, provide for justice, and fix uncertain title location,

           various laws have been created or observed. Unfortunately these laws are not always understandable, codified, or readily available to the

           surveyor. This document presents a codified, understandable compilation of Pennsylvania boundary retracement law.

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