Historic Surveying Webinar

  • 15 May 2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online


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Historic Surveying Webinar

Presented by: Chas Langelan

Mason & Dixon’s five-year boundary survey, which monuments the lines of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, remains a remarkable effort in history. Accomplished before the Revolution, using nothing but the stars and three remote legal “bounds” decreed from England, the two surveyor-astronomers brilliantly laid out more than 300-miles of border, settled long colonial disputes and ultimately created the quasi-legal division between free and slave states in pre-Civil War America. It’s a story of pioneering technical achievement--one that all Pennsylvania land surveyors should know and appreciate.

This presentation will cover the ancient disputes and scientific triumphs Mason & Dixon attained in positioning the lines, how their survey was actually conducted, and the exceptional activities planned for Philadelphia this August at Surveyors Rendezvous 2013, which we hope every Pennsylvania surveyor will support and attend.

Special Announcement:
A portion of the profit from this webinar will go to the Surveyors Historic Society.

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Registration Available: April 18, 2013

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About The Presenter:    
Chas Langelan is a retired professional land surveyor licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. He practiced more than 40-years, largely in Washington DC, and ran a busy survey office on Capitol Hill before retiring in 2008. Today Chas serves on the Boards of half-a-dozen professional organizations, including Surveyors Historical Society, the DC Association of Land Surveyors and the Maryland Society of Surveyors, where he chairs a local MSS chapter. Additionally, he’s on the all-volunteer SHS team organizing this summer’s Surveyors Rendezvous 2013, at historic Philadelphia.

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