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State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Seat Vacancy

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

There will be an open board seat on the Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (Board). The current seat is up on 9/20/23, but the start date of the new 6-year term depends on when the nominee is sworn to the oath of office. Learn about the position and how to apply below.

What does sitting on the State Registration Board mean?

  • Each Board Member's term is 6 years or until a successor is appointed and qualified, up to six additional months. But, no more than 6 months beyond the 6 years. Board members can serve no more than two consecutive full terms.

  • Typically, the Board meets every other month beginning in January (6 times a year). The Board also sets 6 meeting dates in addition to the regular scheduled meeting dates in case they are needed. Special meetings can also be called to take care of Board business. The Board approves a list of regular meeting dates and alternate meeting dates prior to the beginning of each year.

  • Board members review applications for the FS exam, PS/PLS exams and PLS Reciprocal exam which is for the PA State Specific Exam. The minimal requirements for each exam application is spelled out in the law, and as a professional reviewer, your job is to make sure the applications meet the requirements of the law.

  • Each Board Member is required to complete and submit to the State annually the “Code of Conduct – Statement of Financial Interest” forms.

  • Newly appointed Board Members can remain members of the PSLS, however, they cannot be an officer or agents of the PSLS.

How to apply?

  • We would like anyone interested in this role to email stating your interest with a resume attached. We would like this by the end of February so that the rest of the process can start soon after that since it may take up to 6 months to get all the official governmental approvals to fill the seat.

  • Nomination Process

    • The interested party who is applying for a vacant Board position will need to prepare and submit a resume to their State Senator. The State Senator will submit the candidate’s information to the Office of Governor (usually with the Senator’s endorsement of the candidate). The Governor will make his selection and submit that name to the full Senate for a vote on his selection for appointment to the vacancy on the Board. Once approved by the Senate, the newly chosen Board Member will affirm to an oath of affirmation, as administrated by the State, to perform the duties and responsibilities expected of that Member and in accordance with the laws.

More information

  • Mission Statement

    • The State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists regulates the practice, licensure and registration of engineers, land surveyors and geologists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to safeguard life, health and property. The Board also certifies engineers-in-training and surveyors-in-training. The functions of the Board include investigating, approving or disapproving engineering, surveying, and geology applications for those desiring to be licensed in Pennsylvania.

The following is a copy and paste of material directly from the Registration Law:

Section 4. General Powers of Board.

The board shall have power

(a) Approval of Engineering, Surveying and Geology Curricula.

To investigate and to approve or disapprove engineering, surveying and geologycurricula of this State, and other states, territories and countries for the educationof students desiring to be licensed to engage in the practice of engineering, landsurveying or geology, and to revoke or suspend approvals where they are no longer deemed proper.

(b) Licensing Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Geologists.

To provide for and to regulate the licensing, and to license to engage in thepractice of engineering, land surveying or geology any person of good moralcharacter and repute who speaks and writes the English language, if such person either

(1) Holds an unexpired license or certificate of registration issued to him byproper authority of some other state, foreign country or territory of theUnited States in which the requirements and qualifications to engage in thepractice of engineering, land surveying or geology were at the time of the initialissuance of such license or certificate of registration at least equal to theexisting standards of this Commonwealth: Provided, however, That such other state, territory or foreign country shall similarly license or register professionalengineers, professional land surveyors or professional geologists licensed andregistered in this Commonwealth. A person may be licensed under thissubsection without examination.

(2) In relation to engineers and surveyors, holds a certificate of qualifications issued bythe National Bureau of Engineering Registration of the National Council ofExaminers for Engineering and Surveying: Provided, The requirements andqualifications of said bodies to engage in the practice of engineering or landsurveying are at least equal to the standards of this Commonwealth. A person maybe licensed under this subsection without examination. In carrying into effectclauses (1) and (2) of subsection (b) of this section in relation to engineersand surveyors the board may in its discretion enter into agreements forreciprocity with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveyingand with states under such rules and regulations as the board may prescribe.

(3) Complies with the education and experience criteria and successfully completesthe two-examination process for licensing as a professional engineer, as set forthin section 4.2, or as a professional land surveyor, as set forth in section 4.3or the examination process for licensing as a professional geologist as set forth in section 4.4.

(c) Investigations of Applications; Determination of Competency of Applicants.

To investigate the allegations contained in any application for licensure orcertification under this act in order to determine the truth of such allegations and todetermine the competency of any person applying for licensure to assumeresponsible charge of the work involved in the practice of engineering, land surveyingor geology, such competency to be determined by the grade and character of theengineering work, the grade and character of the land surveying work or the grade andcharacter of geologic work actually performed. In relation to engineers and surveyors,the mere execution as a contractor of work designed by a professional engineer, or thesupervision of the construction of such work as a foreman or superintendent, or theoperation or maintenance of machinery or equipment, or work performed as asalesman of engineering equipment or apparatus, shall not be deemed to be activepractice in engineering, unless such work has involved the actual practice ofengineering. Engineering and land surveying work, performed under the supervisionof a professional engineer or land surveyor, respectively, shall be given full credit.Whenever the board determines otherwise than by examination, that an applicant has not produced

sufficient evidence to show that he is competent to be placed in responsible chargeand shall refuse to examine or to license such applicant, it shall set forth in writingits findings and the reasons for its conclusions and furnish a copy thereof to theapplicant.

(d) Examinations; Fees.

To prescribe the subjects,manner, time and place of examinations for licenses as professional engineers, professional land surveyors and professional geologists and for certificates for engineers-in- training, geologists-in-training and surveyors-in-training, and the filing of applications for suchexaminations, and to prepare or provide for the preparation of such examinations,conduct or provide for the conduct of such examinations, to make written reports ofsuch examinations, which reports shall be preserved for a period of not less thanthree years, to collect such fees for such examinations, and for licenses andcertificates issued without examination, as may be fixed according to law, and toissue licenses and certificates to such persons as successfully pass such examinations.

((d) amended May 12, 2010, P.L. , No.25)

(e) Biennial Registrations; Fees.

To provide for, regulate and require all persons licensed in accordance with theprovisions of this act and all persons licensed and registered under prior laws of this Commonwealth, relating to the licensing of professional engineers and professionalland surveyors, to register biennially with the board, to prescribe the form of suchregistration, after consultation with the Commissioner of Professional andOccupational Affairs and the payment of such biennial registration fee, as shall befixed according to law, to issue biennial registration to such persons and to suspendor revoke the license or registration of such persons as fail, refuse or neglect to soregister, or pay such fee within such time as the board shall prescribe by its rulesand regulations, and to reinstate licenses and registrations of persons who shallthereafter pay such registration fees in accordance with the rules and regulations of the board.

(f) Roster of Registrants.

To keep a roster showing the names and addresses of professional engineers,professional land surveyors and professional geologists licensed under this act, and under prior laws, and registered by the board, which roster shall be published inbooklet form by the board following each biennial renewal. Copies of the roster shallbe furnished upon request to each registered or certified person and may befurnished to other persons upon such terms as the board shall prescribe: Provided, however, that copies of the roster shall be furnished to the PlanningCommission and the prothonotary of each county in the Commonwealth.

(g) Suspension and Revocation of Licenses; Registrations and Certificates;Reinstatements.

To suspend or revoke the license and registration of any professional engineer,professional land surveyor or professional geologist or the certificate of any engineer-in-training, geologist- in-training or surveyor-in-training, who is found guilty bythe board, by a majority vote of all its members, of the practice of any fraud,deceit or misrepresentation in obtaining his license, certification or registration,or of gross negligence, incompetency or misconduct in the practice ofengineering, in the practice of land surveying or in the practice of geology, or ofviolation of the code of ethics of the engineering profession, and to reinstatesuspended licenses, registrations and certificates in any cases where a majorityof all the members of the board shall determine the same to be just andproper. Unless ordered to do so by a court, the board shall not reinstate thelicense, certificate or registration of a person to practice as a professionalengineer, professional land surveyor, professional geologist or an engineer-in-training, geologist-in-training or a surveyor-in-training which has been revoked,and such person shall be required to apply for a license, certificate or registrationafter a period of five years in accordance with section 2 if he desires to practiceat any time after such revocation. The board shall require a person whose licenseor registration has been suspended or revoked to return the license orregistration in such manner as the board directs. Failure to do so shall be amisdemeanor of the third degree. Misconduct in the practice of engineering, landsurveying or geology shall include, but not be limited to conviction for a criminaloffense such as extortion, bribery or fraud or entry of a plea of nolo contendere to acharge thereof for conduct relating to the practice of engineering, land surveying orgeology, or has violated any provision of this act or any regulation promulgated bythe board. For the purposes of this subsection, the code of ethics is as follows:

((g) intro. par. amended May 12, 2010, P.L., No.25)

It shall be considered unprofessional and inconsistent with honorable and dignifiedbearing for any professional engineer, professional land surveyor or professional geologist:

(1) To act for his client or employer in professional matters otherwise than as afaithful agent or trustee, or to accept any remuneration other than his statedrecompense for services rendered.

(2) To attempt to injure falsely or maliciously, directly or indirectly, theprofessional reputation, prospects or business of anyone.

(3) To attempt to supplant another engineer, land surveyor or geologist afterdefinite steps have been taken toward his employment.

(4) To compete with another engineer, land surveyor or geologist for employmentby the use of unethical practices.

(5) To review the work of another engineer, land surveyor or geologist for thesame client, except with the knowledge of such engineer, land surveyor orgeologist, or unless the connection of such engineer, land surveyor orgeologist with the work has terminated.

(6) To attempt to obtain or render technical services or assistance without fairand just compensation commensurate with the services rendered: Provided,however, the donation of such services to a civic, charitable, religious oreleemosynary organization shall not be deemed a violation.

(7) To advertise in self-laudatory language, or in any other manner, derogatory to the dignity of the profession.

(8) To attempt to practice in any field of engineering, land surveying or geologyin which the registrant is not proficient.

(9) To use or permit the use of his professional seal on work over which he wasnot in responsible charge.

(10) To aid or abet any person in the practice of engineering, land surveying orgeology not in accordance with the provision of this act or prior laws.

The board shall appoint, with the approval of the Governor, such hearing examiners as shallbe necessary to conduct hearings as may be required under this subsection.

The board shall have the power to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations settingforth the functions, powers, standards and duties to be followed by the hearing examiners.

The hearing examiners shall have the power to conduct hearings in accordance with theregulations of the board, and to issue subpoenas requiring the attendance and testimony ofindividuals or the production of, pertinent books, records, documents and papers bypersons whom they believe to have information relevant to any matter pending before theexaminer. Such examiner shall also have the power to administer oaths.

The hearing examiner shall hear evidence submitted and arguments of counsel, if any,with reasonable dispatch, and shall promptly record his decision, supported by findings offact, and a copy thereof shall immediately be sent to the board and to counsel ofrecord, or the parties, if not represented.

If application for review is made to the board within twenty days from the date of anydecision made as a result of a hearing held by a hearing examiner, the board shall review theevidence, and if deemed advisable by the board, hear argument and additionalevidence. As soon as practicable, the board shall make a decision and shall file the samewith its finding of the facts on which it is based and send a copy thereof to each of the parties in dispute.

(h) Financial Requirements of Board.

(1) To submit annually to the Department of State an estimate of the financialrequirements of the board for its administrative, investigative, legal andmiscellaneous expenses.

(2) To submit annually to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, fifteendays after the Governor has submitted his budget to the General Assembly, acopy of the budget request for the upcoming fiscal year which the boardpreviously submitted to the department.

(i) Administration and Enforcement of Laws.

To administer and enforce the laws of the Commonwealth relating to the practice ofengineering, land surveying and geology, and to instruct and require its agents tobring prosecutions for unauthorized and unlawful practices.

(j) Minutes and Records.

To keep minutes and records of all its transactions and proceedings. Copies thereofduly certified by the secretary of the board shall be received in evidence in all courts and elsewhere.

(k) Member of National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying; Dues.

To become a member of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering andSurveying, and to pay such dues as said council shall establish, and to send delegatesto the annual meeting of said council, and to defray their expenses.

(l) Administrative Rules and Regulations.

To adopt, promulgate and enforce such administrative rules and regulations, notinconsistent with this act, as are deemed necessary and proper by the board tocarry into effect the powers conferred by this act, which shall includeestablishing requirements for continuing education to be fulfilled by individuals licensed and registered under this act. The rules and regulations shallinclude any fees necessary for the board to carry out its responsibilitiesregarding establishing continuing education requirements.

((l) amended Nov. 29, 2006, P.L.1534, No.170)

(m) Status of Complaints.

The board shall submit annually a report to the Professional LicensureCommittee of the House of Representatives and to the Consumer Protection andProfessional Licensure Committee of the Senate a description of the types ofcomplaints received, status of cases, board action which has been taken and thelength of time from the initial complaint to final board resolution.

(n) Member of National Association of State Boards of Geology; Dues.

To become a member of the National Association of State Boards of Geology, to paydues as the association shall establish, to send delegates to the annual meeting ofthe association and to defray their expenses.

((n) added May 12, 2010, P.L.192, No.25)

(4 amended Dec. 16, 1992, P.L.1151, No.151)

Compiler’s Note: Section 6 of Act 25 of 2010, which amended sub secs. (d),(g) intro.par. and added subsec.(n), provided that the State Registration Board for ProfessionalEngineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists shall promulgate regulations necessary toimplement Act 25 within 18 months of the effective date of section 6.

Section 4.1. State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.

(a) There is hereby established within the Department of State the StateRegistration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists. Theboard shall consist of the Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs,three members appointed by the Governor who shall be persons representingthe public at large and nine members appointed by the Governor, five of whomshall be registered professional engineers, two of whom shall be registeredprofessional land surveyors and two of whom shall be registered professionalgeologists. Any land surveyor appointed to serve on the board shall have received the land surveyor license upon the passage of the appropriate examination. Anygeologist licensed under section 4.4 of this act shall be eligible for appointmentto the board. The professional members of the board shall be so selected thatnot more than two of them shall specialize in any one of the five major disciplinesof engineering: civil, mining and metallurgical, mechanical, electrical andchemical. Each member of the board shall be a citizen of the United States and a resident of this Commonwealth. Each professional member shall have been engaged inthe practice of the respective profession for at least ten years and shall have been inresponsible charge of work for at least five years.

((a) amended Nov. 25, 2002, P.L.1113, No.136)

(b) The terms of members of the board shall be six years, or until his successor has beenappointed and qualified but not longer than six months beyond the six-year period. Inthe event that any of said members shall die or resign during his term, hissuccessor shall be appointed in the same way and with the same qualifications and shallhold office for the unexpired term. No member shall be eligible for appointment toserve more than two consecutive full terms.

(c) Seven members of the board shall constitute a quorum. A member may not becounted as part of a quorum or vote on any issue, other than temporary and automaticsuspension, under this act unless he is physically in attendance at the meeting.

(d) The board shall select annually a president from among its members.

(e) Each member of the board, except the Commissioner of Professional andOccupational Affairs and the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection in theOffice of Attorney General, or his designee, shall receive sixty dollars per diemwhen actually attending to the work of the board. Members shall also receive the amountof reasonable traveling, hotel and other necessary expenses incurred in theperformance of their duties.

(f) The board is subject to evaluation, review and termination within the time and in themanner provided in the act of December 22, 1981 (P.L.508, No.142), known as the “Sunset Act.”

(g) A member of the board who fails to attend three consecutive meetings shall forfeithis seat unless the Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs, upon writtenrequest from the member, finds that the member should be excused from a meeting because of illness or the death of a family member.

(h) A public member who fails to attend two consecutive statutorily mandated trainingseminars in accordance with section 813(e) of the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.177,No.175), known as “The Administrative Code of 1929,” shall forfeit boardmembership unless the Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs, uponwritten request from the public member, finds that the public member should beexcused from a meeting because of illness or the death of a family member.

(4.1 amended Dec. 16, 1992, P.L.1151, No.151)

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