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Survey Group Manager/Senior Surveyor, PLS | Sheffler & Company, Inc.

30 Mar 2021 1:15 PM | Jason Tobias (Administrator)

Sheffler & Company, Inc. – Job Description

Job Title: Survey Group Manager/Senior Surveyor, PLS

Overview: The incumbent is responsible for execution, supervision and management of all survey projects to client requirements and Sheffler & Co. standards. The Survey Group Manager's responsibilities include professional oversight, supervision of and accountabilities of staff, completion and delivery of land survey projects on time and on budget. Responsibilities include proposals, invoicing, A/R, and limited sales & marketing.

• Manages projects from inception to completion while maintaining a close working relationship with Sheffler clients throughout the project.
• Supervises office staff and field operations to ensure adequacy and accuracy of field data collection and office deliverables.
• Develops survey group work environment to ensure team cohesiveness through project completion.
• Recruit, develop and implement office & field survey teams with goals aligned with those of Sheffler & Co..
• Provides mentoring, guidance, and professional development training to subordinates.
• Perform on-site management of survey projects that ensures compliance with safety and quality of work.
• Provides methods and ideas to accomplish tasks. Researches and investigates new techniques and equipment.
• Assist with sales & marketing of surveying services and growth of business in accordance with Sheffler & Co. President’s strategic initiatives.
• Maintain the Professional Image of the firm.

• Serve as the sole/primary leader of land surveying operations at Sheffler & Co..
• Serve as a key link with the clients and review the deliverable prepared by the team before passing onto client.
• Oversee all surveying projects from start to finish.
• Assume lead role in planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed.
• Develop the objectives/goals of staff and assign individual responsibilities.
• Manages project budget and client expectations.
• Determines appropriate revenue recognition, ensures timely and accurate invoicing, and monitors receivables for project.
• Follows up with clients, when necessary, regarding unpaid invoices.
• Ensure that surveying activities move according to predetermined schedule.
• Devise the project work plans and make revisions as and when need arises.
• Co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the project.
• Monitor the progress of the surveying activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams.
• Maintain strict adherence to budgetary guidelines, quality and safety standards.
• Ensure project documents are complete.
• Execute & Seal plans/documents as registered professional.

Knowledge and Skills Required:
• A higher learning degree in Surveying.
• Minimum 10 years of experience in boundary & construction surveying.
• PA Land Surveyor Registration required. OH & WV Certification to be obtained.
• Proficiency with AutoCAD Civil 3D is rquired.
• Excellent Communication Skills.
• Construction administration experience is an advantage.

Qualitative and Other Attributes Required:
• Ability to plan and organize a team effort.
• Good client management and goodwill building ability.
• Capacity to motivate, lead and boost morale of the teams.
• Effective time management and logical decision-making ability.
• Capacity to handle pressure.
• Strong focus on quality.

Compensation: Compensation, to a large extent, depends on the personal credentials, competence, relevant work experience, qualifications, ability to develop new clients/work, and performance. In essence, the Survey Group Manager/Senior Surveyor, PLS acts as the leader of the land survey department. It is a position of great responsibility, requiring complete and thorough technical knowledge of surveying practices, techniques, and equipment, with the strongest possible focus on quality. The Survey Group Manager is the leader who conceptualizes the survey project, is responsible for its smooth organization, implementation, and completion, to the satisfaction of the clients. The annual salary of the Survey Group Manager will be consistent with the responsibilities identified above.

Work Schedule/Transportation: The Survey Group Manager will be provided an office within the Sewickley, PA Headquarters and shall maintain a work schedule suitable for successfully managing the land survey staff. The Survey Group Manager will be issued a Sheffler owned/leased four-wheel drive truck for work related travel. Work related travel to other states/regions is anticipated.

Ownership Opportunity: The incumbent serving as the Survey Group Manager at Sheffler & Co. is recognized as a candidate for opportunities to obtain membership interests as an owner/principal. The Survey Group Manager must identify to the President and Vice President that he/she is directly responsible for the successful implementation and operation of the Group and directly attributed to sales/revenue values in excess of 2.5 million dollars.

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