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Pennsylvania Land Surveying Institute

The Pennsylvania Land Surveying Institute (PLS Institute) is a hub for recorded webinars on essential topics to the surveying profession.


All PLS Institute recorded webinars are eligible for credit/Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in Pennsylvania. We hope this allows you to learn and earn credit/PDHs when it is most convenient, to help further your professional development at your own pace. The PLS Institute will consistently be adding new archived webinars to the hub so check back in regularly. 

How it works: Once you have purchased a webinar, we will need to verify that payment has been made in full. Once payment is confirmed, the recording and a completion form will be emailed within 48 hours. After watching the webinar, please fill out the completion form and send it back to to receive your certificate. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive the certificate. Also, please note that the only person who will receive credit for the webinar is the one whose PSLS profile the webinar was purchased under. If you have any questions, please email the PSLS office at or call 717-412-1946.

PSLS Archived Webinar Thumbnails (Presentation (169)).png

Description: An introduction to professional ethics for land surveyors in Pennsylvania. The Code of Ethics included within the Engineer, Surveyor, and Geologist Registration Law will be reviewed, as well as ethical codes from other surveying and engineering professional organizations.

PSLS Archived Webinar ALTA (Presentation (169)).png

*Note: This webinar is mostly audio only and does not have slides. 

Description: Discuss how a survey and a title insurance commitment work together, namely how the survey impacts the ability of the title company to provide certain coverages to its insured under a title policy. We will discuss the removal of the survey exception, access, contiguity, same-as-survey, ALTA 9, utility access, ALTA 28 coverages and land under development endorsements where title insurance coverage is tied to site plans. This presentation will focus on the importance of the relationship between surveyors and title underwriters and how they can best assist each other in providing quality products to their customers.

PSLS Archived Webinar practice (Presentation (169)).png

Description: A review of the PSLS "Standards of Practice" document. 

PSLS Archived Webinar prof (Presentation (169)).png

Description: A discussion regarding the Engineer, Land Surveyor & Geologist Registration Law – Act 367. The interconnection between ethics and professionalism will be explored including the use of the standards of practice within the profession including some overview of case history of the PA Registration Board. 

PSLS Archived Webinar Thumbnails (Presentation (169)).png

Description: Will cover the reasons for regulations, a short history of the regulations pertaining to UAS operation, transition into the current regulatory environment, critical aspects of flight planning in light of the regulations, and a short look into the future. 

PSLS Archived Webinar roads (Presentation (169)).png

Description: A review of the regulations set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), as adopted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This webinar reviews traffic statistics and study cases of incidents on the roadways. This will remind us of the seriousness of roadway hazards. We often become desensitized to the traffic conditions, which makes working on the roadways even more dangerous. Creating a safe work environment should be everyone’s top priority.

PSLS Archived Webinar constructuon.png

Description: Explains boundary retracement principles and procedures known as the Rules of Construction. The seminar will review the rules of construction as they apply to surveying practice. Priority of evidence, analysis of evidence, and reporting of a defensible opinion will be explained.

PSLS Archived Webin Clean (Presentation (169)).png


Surveyors need to understand the Clean and Green Act regulations and the implications of violations.  Failure to understand the regulations governing the transfer of property enrolled in Clean and Green could result in significant roll-back penalties.  This program will present information on the sale and subdivision of property enrolled in Clean and Green and how to avoid unexpected penalty costs. The consequences of an unintended violation could be significant and may be considered malpractice.


The Pennsylvanian Agricultural Easement Purchase Program enables the state and county governments to purchase conservation easements.  The program has criteria to determine if a boundary retracement survey is required for easement and provides specific survey and plat requirements.  There are also very specific subdivision requirements for preserved properties.  This program will discuss survey and subdivision requirements. 

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