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Announcing Student Guests - 2024 Surveyors' Conference

We are excited to announce that we will have about 30 students from the Civil Engineering Technology Program at Bucks County Technical High School attending the 2024 Surveyors’ Conference in a few weeks! The Bucks Chapter conducted a fundraising campaign and raised $2,000 for a bus to transport the students to the conference. They will attend all day on Tuesday, January 23 with their instructor, Doug Bennet. Please help us make sure it is a worthwhile visit for the students. Thanks to those listed below for donating to make this possible.



  • Brian Binney, PLS

  • Cameron Forth, PLS

  • Don Kamp, PLS

  • Phil Mosby, PLS

  • Don Rife, PLS

  • Robert Snyder, PLS

  • Dave Spellman, PLS

  • Crystal Thomas, PE, PLS

Firms and Chapters

  • Rodriguez Consulting, LLC

  • Taylor Wiseman Taylor

  • Kelly Engineers

  • Delaware Valley Chapter of PSLS

  • Bucks County Chapter of PSLS

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